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Death Turns Biker Arrogance Into Rage


This morning in Minneapolis a bicycle commuter was crushed to death by a semi. The local bike nuts’ reaction was to blame the truck driver.

Semis dont belong on city streets. period.

If what the Star Trib is reporting -- that the truck driver turned into the bike lane -- is true, then it needs to be prosecuted as a negligent homicide. Period.

Later in the thread, cooler and more-reasoned voices tempered the calls for vengeance.

The initial reaction, however, stands as testimony to the arrogance of the “bicycle community”. Their own can do no wrong and everyone is out to get them. My experience in both driver’s seat and bike saddle has been that most cyclists regard vehicle law as a nuisance to be ignored. Cyclists are not much more aware of their surroundings than the motorists which bike nuts mock. A great example: one of my pedaling pallys was hit by another biker who didn’t stop when required. Not once, but three separate times.

As a biker, I have more trouble when motorists expect me to break the law and they yield unnecesarily. It interrupts the flow. When everyone is aware and following the rules, riding in traffic is a beautiful ballet. If cyclists were better behaved, I would have more sympathy and respect for their “community”.

Since that’s not what I see, I am amused where I would rather be reverent. Today was planned to be a local Ride of Silence, where cyclists gather to remember their own who died in crashes. Honoring the fallen isn’t amusing, it’s noble. What tickles me is that the ride launched from a shop called Cars R Coffins. The name is typical of cycle arrogance. And, today, ironic.


I've never owned a car and I ride my bike all summer long. Yet, I feel absolutely no connection to the so-called "bike community". I do not hate cars. I do hate shitty drivers, though, whether in cars or on bikes. I am as responsible for what happens on the road as other vehicles;I'm not superior to them. Ultimately, I AM responsible for my OWN safety. I agree with the NRR Conductor that motorists would respect cyclists more if bikers respected the laws. I've seen enough bikers pass me by while I wait for the green light to know it isn't the case. The "bike community" treats the laws the same way they treat motor vehicles, with contempt.