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I Can Still Park in My Garage

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The way we Americans accumulate stuff is ridiculous. It expands to fill and then overflow the space - and then you can't find it even if you wanted to. That's why God, in his infinite goodness and wisdom, created dumpsters. Also, He created rent-a-tool places. Great. Why buy something if you can rent it for a day or two?

I’m a hostage of my possessions. But if you need a tool more than once, or have house projects that drag on (don’t they all?), the cost equation on tool rental shifts toward buying.

I suppose that could be taken as a benefit of global trade and big-box retail. It is less expensive to add to one’s clutter of imported tools.

As I type this, I expect a wine rack I listed free for pickup on neighborhood fora will have disappeared. Freecycling for the win!

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