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Middle-Class Advocates

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I’ve been learning party politics with the Republican Party in Minnesota. I spend almost as much time needling them for their shortcomings—as I see them, of course—as I spend on party work and cheerleading.

In one of those wonderful moments where the internet confirms you are not totally alone, I just came across a comment at Vox Popoli that could have come right off my fingertips:

The Democrats have become the party of the Truly Rich and the Welfare Class. They have totally abandoned the middle class, which the Republicans could sweep up if they weren't so addicted to being the Business Party.

At every convention I attend, I like to Tweet something like: “The first candidate to mention seniors, veterans and workers gets my support.” Few manage it.

The middle class is slipping away because one side pays it only lip service and the other side doesn’t even speak to it. Ordinary people with “kitchen table” concerns have to choose between the social-issue-of-the-moment or giving their boss a tax cut.

Where are the sincere and effective middle-class advocates?


I'd be fine with NO middle-class advocates.

The idea that you must advocate for a group means you're bought and sold on every idea that benefits that group.

I'm all for supporting liberty - the right to keep what you earn, do as you please as long as you do not injure or impair/impede the rights of others.

When I hear "I support seniors", I appreciate the sentiment.

I do NOT support the seniors by agreeing to send them money which isn't mine to share.

If we want to support the middle class, we must do so by eliminating all forms of subsidy/taxation which benefits particular groups.

Keep it simple.