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I Hope God is Laughing

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The State of Minnesota has passed legislation to legalize same-sex marriage. Still just between two partners, and between people who are not already related.

There is a massive emotional outpouring of joy. The law is not a surprise, so there is really only perfunctory statements of grief from opponents of SSM and opponents of any kind of government involvement in marriage.

A few comments on Facebook have coalesced into a recognition.

For all the happiness and love I see from and for homosexuals today, they are still a shadow. A same-sex couple will never get to experience the joy produced by the birth of a child conceived in a loving union between bodies and souls.

No earthly power can overrule God’s design.

I would like to be happy for the gay couples I know who now might legalize their relationship. And I can be happy for them. But after awakening to this essential difference, I will probably regard every same-sex couple with at least a hint of pity.

It is a sad day. Not for the loss of traditional marriage, but for the acceptance of delusion as truth. If Satan exists, this is how he would want his world to function.