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The Eugenicist Behind the Curtain

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Far from being the natural outgrowth of a broad philosophical commitment to the idea of self-ownership and control of our own bodies, the Democrats stance on the right to abortion is the sole and glaring exception to an ideology that otherwise treats the bodies of women like the bodies of government owned cattle.

A party that tells women what size of soda she can buy doesn’t actually believe that women control their own bodies.

Once you no longer have enough freedoms to marshal the resources to defend yourself politically, they won’t have to humor you anymore and they will suddenly discover that your inability to choose your own soda size, cough syrup and cancer treatments also means you don’t have the ability to choose whether to have or refuse an abortion…

Death is the lowest-cost option for treating many diseases. Applying that treatment pre-birth saves even more money.

“A society, in order to progress, must not be burdened by the avoidable demands of unfortunate genes.

To move forward, we need to invest in making future generations more capable of fulfilling the promise of human destiny.”

Tell me you didn’t wonder if I lifted that quote from an old Obama speech. No, I just made it up.