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Sean Hannity is Not the Future

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[Obligations and opportunities in meatspace have been taking all my time. I have much to point at, but no free fingers to do it here.]

A few months ago a finished a book called The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy - What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny. Written in 1997, the authors predicted a major change in the socio-cultural-political order sometime near 2010. The twenty-somethings of today are in the same cyclic position as the boomers were in the 1960s.

Since I have been predicting a collapse and Brief Period of Violent Upheaval for a few years, I find the theories in The Fourth Turning to be brilliant. I may have joined the Liberty Movement and made friends with the Paulbots just in time to be on the right side of history:

This past Sunday night I was watching Madmen which this season takes place in 1966 New York City. One of the key ongoing themes of the show is how the World War II and Korean War generations dealt with the massive influx of new ideas which were born from the baby boomers. There was a good bit of fear, but for many of the characters there’s even more a sense of just plain confusion. What the hell is going on?

Funny that the agents of change are now the bloated bureaucrats, but maybe that’s just the way of the world.

Both political parties are trying to deal with what is going on in broader society, change on par with what happened in the 1960s. The Democrats have the luxury of having an incumbent president who campaigned on “change.” This insulates them a bit to what’s going on but at least some within the party know that their time leading the idea parade is rapidly running out.

The Republicans on the other hand are beside themselves.

They really are. Since the Ron Paul faction has taken over most of the lower offices in the MN GOP, the ousted Republicans have been throwing venomous tantrums around the intertracks.

With two weeks until the Minnesota State Republican Convention, I expect the tension to continue mounting. Paul has already won enough delegates in enough States to have his name placed on the ballot at the GOP national convention. The Romney campaign is exhibiting signs of paranoia, wondering how many of its pledged delegates are Ron Paul sleepers.

The Republican party is turning.

Because Ron Paul represents a whole new way of playing the game. All the old tried and true ways of dealing with a rival candidate don’t work with Paul and his followers.

The reason the tried and true ways don’t work is because the game has changed. Interestingly Ron Paul the oldest guy in the race is the only one hip to it. Sean Hannity is not the future of politics, sorry.

But instead of embracing the new and fresh energy Ron Paul has brought into the party, a party which desperately needs young people to be sustainable going forward, the GOP has dug in its heals and declared that it will not bend to the Ron Paul barbarians. You know the barbarians who actually believe in free enterprise and small government. The GOP is the establishment’s party. Ron Paul is not invited.

The Dems have quietly looked on as Ron Paul has challenged the status quo in the GOP. But they aren’t smiling. The Obama machine knows Mittens has the ability to squeeze out a win. But though Ron Paul has the potential to lose bigger, Ron Paul also has the potential to win a mandate ala Ronald Reagan in 1980. This would be a disaster for the Dems because suddenly the TEA Party becomes mainstream and real issues are suddenly on the table. There would be a massive influx of new, market oriented thinking in Washington, and big bureaucracies- the heart of the Democrat Party, would likely be cut. Romney isn’t going to cut anything.

So both the GOP and the Dems fear Ron Paul because he is a true agent of change. Not phony baloney, big government 1930s-esc change. But real, honest to goodness, new ways of thinking, 21st Century, change.

Change I can believe in.