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Ron Paul Wins Minnesota

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For a guy who is so roundly dimissed, it is easy to find anti-Paul snark around the intertracks. One of the standard barbs is to point out that Ron Paul hasn’t won any States during primary season.

That changed yesterday:

All the CD conventions have conclude and Paul has won 20 out of the 24 delegate slots at stake and nearly all of the alternates. Given that the composition of the delegations to the state convention, which is set for May 4-5 [May 18-19] in St. Cloud, is similar to that of the CD conventions, there is a very good chance Rep. Paul will come away with the lion's share of delegates from Minnesota.

Minnesota is allocated 40 delegates to the national GOP convention. 24 slots are selected by Congressional District, of which Paul has won 20. 3 slots are “automatic”, given to top GOP officials. Paul has one of those. 13 more slots will be filled in a few weeks.

Ron Paul already has 21 of 40 delegates from Minnesota. He won the State.