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The Gatekeeper Wears a Blindfold

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Obama Derangement Syndrome has two forms. Here’s CNN infobabe Soledad O’Brien displaying the positive strain:

[UPDATE: The embedded version of the video is set to autoplay. NRR seeks to avoid such unwelcome intrusions on our passengers. Please click here to view the segment.]

O’Brien pre-emptively attacks the message and the messenger. Barack must not be questioned!

Wikipedia says Critical Race Theory:

is loosely unified by two common areas of inquiry. First, CRT has analyzed the way in which white supremacy and racial power are reproduced over time, and in particular, the role that law plays in this process. Second, CRT work has investigated the possibility of transforming the relationship between law and racial power, and more broadly, the possibility of achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination.

[Key elements include]:

  • A critique of liberalism: CRT scholars favor a more aggressive approach to social transformation as opposed to liberalism's more cautious approach, favor a race conscious approach to transformation rather than liberalism's embrace of color blindness, and favor an approach that relies more on political organizing, in contrast to liberalism's reliance on rights-based remedies.
  • Storytelling/counterstorytelling and "naming one's own reality"--using narrative to illuminate and explore experiences of racial oppression.
  • Revisionist interpretations of American civil rights law and progress—criticizing civil rights scholarship and anti-discrimination law.

I think the voting public would be (and would have been) interested to know that Mr Obama’s philosophic training endorses historical revisionism and redefinition of reality to suit one’s goals. His moderate supporters might have voted Hillary if they knew—or even suspected—that Obama might use comfortable liberal language to disguise a racist agenda.

All the Jeremiah Wright soundbites from 2008 were so inflammatory that I suspect people thought no rational person would take them seriously. Wright was a preacher, not an intellectual. The evidence, though, suggests that Barack knew and embraced the theory behind Wright’s emanations.

Progressivism was a trojan horse. Big Media is as competent as the TSA in finding any hidden threats.

Via: Theo Spark