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I’m Cured!


I have been suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome for about four years. My case I think was much milder than most. But the current President did inflame the evil in my nature.

Not anymore.

My opinion of the man, his politics and his disposition hasn’t changed. He’s a fascist and a demagogue and all the rest, for sure. If he is reelected he will deliver as much Progressive change as Congress will allow. And probably more, as he has proven that the law is merely an inconvenience that can be overcome by will and executive fiat.

I think those of us that were angry and fearful in 2008 were right to be so. We lost. In retrospect, I don’t think things would be much different under a President McCain. There would be some monstrous Federal healthcare bill, but one passed with a proper vote and GOP consent. The impossible strategy in Afghanistan would still leave the territory under disputed control, with no victory in sight.

You could certainly come up with particular points that would have played out differently. But think of the standard poll question about the country being “headed in the right direction” or “on the wrong track”. We’re still on the same track as 2008, headed in the same direction.

The only difference is our speed.

I just can’t sustain my anger at the engineer. When he talks, instead of fury, I feel mild annoyance. Start listening for his sibilant esses and you will not be able to stop. His cadence and delivery has lost its grandiosity. He’s now a predictable caricature of a black preacher. He’s as tiresome as Frank Caliendo trying to do Obama.

I find though, there is a new Presidential-class politician who gets my hackles up. Not like Barry did during his messianic early days, but I could see it getting there.

Mitt Romney is full of crap.

I imagine I will have more to say on that topic…


I find it hard to put faith in anyone who seeks higher office. Obama trumpeted hope and change, yet he continued so many of Bush's policies, you'd barely notice a new butt in the President's chair. Most seekers wish to massage their egos, with little regard to actually changing the current bloated beauracracy that is our federal government.

My working hypothesis is that the party system weeds out the most humble and the most virtuous. Party leadership would rather take turns controlling a growing beast than to slay that beast in the name of liberty.