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Kickoff to the Apocalypse

The hometeam Vikings didn’t give me much to enjoy. Adrian Peterson is a strong magic and Jared Allen is a legendary beast. Otherwise, they were a 3-13 team.

That left me space to check out the Tebow phenomenon. I don’t know enough to assert that he can or cannot have an NFL career. He sure is fun to watch, though.

His faith pleases me, too. He never seems to put it anyone’s face, but people can’t stop taking about it. Contrary to barroom chatter, he does not think G-d influences games. He’s clean living, respectful, works overtime to improve himself and most refreshing for the NFL, humble. Tebow is trying to be a Virtuous Person, and he is doing it with integrity by doing it in public.

Tebow’s success seems to needle all the factions I love to see needled.

Vox writes about his first playoff win tonight (in overtime, of course):

Considering Tebow's first start against Miami, to say nothing of the disastrous last three weeks, it seems almost impossible for any knowledgeable football fan to not interpret what was not only a Denver victory, but Tim Tebow beating the league's top-rated defense with his arm, as incontrovertible proof of the existence of God.

316 yards and two touchdowns in the air, 39 yards and one touchdown on the ground. I saw it and I still don't believe it. As ProFootballTalk concluded: "If someone was writing this stuff into a Tim Tebow movie, they would have been fired by now because it all sounds too unbelievable."

I love football.

Next week, the Lord’s QB goes to the center of Satan’s Dominion to take on Lucifer’s Head Coach, Bill Belichick. The Patriots are notorius for a policy that “it’s cheating only if you get caught”. Denver’s players are not all of Tebow’s character, but the apocalypse was announced by horsemen.

If Tebow’s victory tonight isn’t proof of God, the way this story has played out is.