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I’m O.K., You’re a Paulbot


During the two most-recent Republican debates, Ron Paul got to me. He said, “We all swear the same Oath.” An oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

If we are a nation of laws, integrity to that oath is the supreme qualification to hold the office of President. Or any government office, really.

Investigating Paul’s policy ideas, I have found that the Big Media and blogosphere characterizations are inadequate when they’re not entirely disingenuous. He, above all the other candidates seems to attract ad hominems instead of criticisms.

It is difficult to find a logical deconstruction of a Paul idea, but you can barely type a “P” in the search box before a hundred hits with words like “loony” “crazy” “wackjob” come up.

Ron Paul has been leading the Iowa polls for about as long as I have been looking into his campaign. The path of his polling is a long, gradual rise. As I write this, the Real Clear Politics rolling average has Paul in the lead with 22.7%.

If more than 1 in 5 voters support Paul, does this mean 1 in 5 voters is a loony wackjob? 20% support is not fringe support. 20% of a group cannot be fairly considered “extremist”.

Since Paul has held his numbers over time, this isn’t mere fad or flirtation. The people who say he is crazy, they say it so much, I think that word does not mean what they think it means.