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Exiled from the Unicorn Farm


From the OccupyMN people:

In response to the news coverage over a box of bricks found on the plaza, orchestrated by a press release from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office: We would like to reiterate that we are, and have always been, a completely non-violent group. The box was brought onto The People’s Plaza by an outsider and his individual action does not represent the  views or goals of our movement.

We will continue to make our voices heard as the 99% fighting for a better world and look forward to having all of you join us here in Minneapolis.

How many outsiders does it take to drop the 99 to a 98? Doesn’t the one who brought the bricks count as a person? It’s the People’s Plaza, not the Some of the People’s Plaza, right?

It’s quaint that our local occupiers have issued a Statement of Unity:

We are a diverse group of people and we find strength in that diversity.  No one person or group speaks for all of us as a whole. We wish to see an end to the corruption of both corporations and government. We will persist until the voices of the people overcome the corrupting influence of money.

Nobody speaks for the whole, but somehow they know who to exclude. It’s easy to stay united when you keep tossing out people with opposing viewpoints.

I suggest the brick-bringer’s right of association has been denied. He wants to stand with the occupiers, and they won’t let him. Who’s the opressor now?


Also note that the occupiers say they are fighting. But they’re non-violent. They might need a language subcommittee. Someone could take the rhetoric the wrong way…and bring a box of bricks to the tent party.

Of course the brick bringer did not represent the views or goals of the movement, because no one knows what they are. Stating precisely what OWS intends to accomplish would mean that others could refute or disprove their platform.

Maybe if they set up enough commitees and sub-commitees, plus appoint a few spokespeople, we can then call them a PAC or NGO. They will disappear into the very political system they want to reform.