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Black Nixon


I wisecracked about Obama’s Nixonian disposition a while back. Now with the manipulated birth document and the real-time rewrite of killing bin Laden, it ain’t funny anymore.

Yet another backtrack and change of tune from the White House has emerged over the fact that Obama did NOT watch the raid live and did not see the moment Osama bin Laden was shot dead. In fact the video feed stopped before US special forces stormed bin Laden's hideaway.

The White House originally said that President Obama and Hillary Clinton watched the raid as it happened and in effect encouraged the world's media to report that they had watched "the drama unfold".

But now CIA chief Leon Panetta has admitted that, not only was there a 25 minute delay in the live feed and a blackout as has already been reported, in fact the video being played to the president stopped as troops got to the bin Laden compound. And the president did not see any subsequent action on the ground, including the fatal shooting of Osama bin Laden.

For those who wonder why I distrust everything the government says about anything on principle, note that about half of the information initially released by the government about the raid in Pakistan has already been publicly retracted. And the White House is refusing to release any evidence that would confirm the remaining claims.


I’m not backing away from my assessment that Barry is not black. One of the secondary fears I had when the popular culture granted him proper black status was that, if he f*cked up, it would be a stain on blacks. But, if the Progs claimed him, then they have to eat all the meanings, too.

The thing with the government and the media, is that the government controlls the media! We believe everything the media says because that's what we're supposed to hear.

It's sad how Obama was entered into the President role as a role model and someone who promised change. But sounds like he's changing his mind all the time.

How do you think this will affect him for the election?