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Barry’s Still Not Black

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The current U.S. President has released his long-form birth certificate. In one stroke he has made fools of all the leftoids who have insisted for years that the public has already seen this document.

Barry was born in Hawai’i. And the race of his father is listed as African. So the current President is, indeed, African-American. That’s not black. I argue that Barack Obama is not black in any meaningful way. He was raised in Indonesia and the rainbow State of Hawai’i. He did not have the “black experience”. That identity was something he adopted as a college kid.

The genuine document also does not settle his citizenship status. His father was African, a subject of the Queen and a citizen of the U.K. His mother was too young to confer her citizenship to him, so B.H.O. II may not qualify as “Natural Born”, depending on how the law of 1961 is applied today. It could be a question for the Supreme Court.

We’ve only begun to learn the facts. This release does not seem likely to change the minds of anyone with convictions about Obama’s execution of the Office.

There are many, though, who are persuadable. It seems that this can only increase any doubt about the trustworthiness of the current President. He’s a man with many personal secrets. How will that play in the current culture of reality and total exposure?