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Pagan Dreams


Today is Good Friday and Earth Day. Both are religious holidays. From what I’ve seen, one would hardly know Easter was upon us. If the United States was once a Christian nation, it is no longer.

Easter is now a time to affirm the failings and flaws of Christians, particularly Catholics:

Although it has been celebrated by billions of people around the world for nearly 2,000 years, the mainstream media would rather celebrate the liberal holiday known as "Earth Day" and connect Easter to the abuse scandal that surrounded the Roman Catholic Church.

The networks couldn't seem to produce a truly positive or even neutral story about Easter, without then immediately throwing Christians under the bus.

There were a total of 34 stories about Easter, of those 22 were negative. Of the negative stories, 91 percent (20 stories) were about the Catholic priest pedophilia scandal. Only 9 Easter stories were positive and of those, 7 were casual mentions rather than stories. The other 3 stories were neutral or generic references to Easter as a time of the year.

Gaia, the anthropomorphism of nature, is not a moral agent. It does not make conscious choices. So it cannot make mistakes.

It seems both religious traditions—Christian and pagan—agree that man is flawed and fallen. One of them offers a path to transcend and elevate mankind. The other would be happy to see the human infestation controlled, if not exterminated entirely.

From what I understand of paganism (thinking of Wiccans, too), their system is at least as demanding as the Christian one. Earth Day is a soft holiday, appealing to those who want it easy. But it is doing the hard things that sharpen our moral focus.

The merely spiritual does not instruct. Feelings are received. Living a human life demands that choices be made. Religions attempt to provide a framework that informs those choices.

American culture has been undermined, not just by the errors of the faithful, but by those who redefine the moral systems by those errors. We’re in a “spiritual but not religious phase”. Which is essentially doing what makes you feel good.

But that’s not a stable state. Hedonism is not a mechanism of order. Feelings are not justice. So I say to the tree-huggers, beware. The gods you venerate may not venerate you.


God was an environmentalist before it was hip. Part of Christian faith involves caring for others and the world.  "You shall not pollute the land in which you live... you shall not defile the land in which you live, in which I also dwell.  Numbers 35:33-34.