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Prometheus Responds to Lucifer Jones

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My response to Cobb:

Those men in those edifices were wiser than I thought. I wanted to be Prometheus. But common men are fools, and fire is too much power for them.

By luck, guile, or self-delusion, I survived. I now understand that knowledge is amoral. And as men we are called to be moral. To choose is to be human.

The atheists, too, want to be Prometheus. But they have little guidance for the choices of a real life. It works in only abstract. Murder, for example, is wrong even to the godless. That conclusion requires no genius and comes with little risk.

Without G-d, how do we decide which lives we can not afford to protect or prolong? Who gets the last place in the lifeboat? And why? How do we rank innocence, ability or wisdom? What’s the highest value? Who do we serve?

The men in the edifices have answers tested by time and experience. They may be wrong. But they are less wrong than the rabble and the godless. For they have reasons, and they choose in ways that elevate mankind.

Their way is toward the spirit. The other paths treat men as meat.

If I am to be slaughtered, I want it to be done with reverence. Because I tried to be Prometheus. And I now respect the fire.