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No Arab Riots in Israel


But why? An Israeli blogger asks—and answers—the question:

As an aside, why aren't the Arabs rioting in Israel? Shouldn't they take this unique opportunity [the ousting of the Tunisian government and riots in Egypt] to revolt against the evil, warmongering, apartheid, baby-killing, illegal Zionist Entity? Well, it turns out that the Arabs in Israel (non-citizen Palestinians included) have an amazing amount of rights, equality, and freedoms unparalleled elsewhere in the entire Middle east. For example, did you know that Arab Israelis are legally permitted to carry concealed weapons? Even non-citizen Arabs have equal rights in healthcare, job opportunities, and real-estate ownership, and yet those same 'palestinians' are discriminated against in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt... any country in the Middle East and North Africa, for that matter.


shhh...dont give them any ideas. sad there cant be a middleline that we can find to maintain peace.

as great as the world has become...all the inventions,that we still have such hatred of people that are different.


peace and love to all

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