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Bubbles of Nobility


Are you familiar with a Congresscritter’s proposal to ban guns within 1000 feet of electeds and other pseudo-nobility?

If you are, then you must read Denninger’s frothy fisking of the idea:

Hmmmm..... let's think about the other manifestations of idiocy that would come from this:

  • A Judge goes into a liquor store to buy a bottle of booze on the way home.  The liquor store owner, in many jurisdictions, can legally have a weapon behind the counter.  Liquor stores are often robbed, you see.  The liquor store owner just violated federal law.

  • A Congressman owns guns.  He likes to hunt.  He goes hunting with some friends.  Get out the felony indictments folks, all of his hunting buddies just violated federal law.

  • A Congressman believes in the Second Amendment. He goes to a gun range. The gun range owner, who has dozens of weapons behind the counter, just violated federal law and so did all the other patrons at the range.
  • A Congressman walks into a WalMart.  There are three dozen people in the store legally carrying openly or concealed.  All of them just violated federal law.
  • A Judge drives down his street in Suburbia USA on the way to the courthouse.  Every citizen who lawfully owns firearms and has a house less than 1000' from the street just violated federal law - each time he passes their home.

Better yet is this counter-proposal:

I have a better idea: Let's make it illegal for important federal officials to come within a thousand feet of decent people.