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One of Us Has to Go


It’s been a busy day on the intertracks. The TJIC spur saw a wave of new visitors not in tune with the anarcho-capitalist ranting usually found there.

Regular TJIC rider “eddie” collected all the appeals to authority against the operation there:

“Shouldn’t the FBI or Secret Service look into this?”
“i have blocked and reported @tjic: to twitter”
“Well I just gave the FBI his twitter ID and a link to his website”
“I just reported you to the Washington field office of the FBI. You are worth checking out”
“I will make sure the FBI has your number. You belong behind bars”
“Feel free to FW this to a Homeland Security or FBI. Vilest #rwnj blog found (yet)”
“I’ve been grabbing screen-snaps of your site all ding dong damn day.”
“This dude needs reporting early and often for hate speech”

“needs reporting for hate speech”? NEEDS REPORTING FOR HATE SPEECH!


Doesn’t that sound like a conquered child? The passive voice of “needs” reporting absolves the writer of any responsibility. The others at least take ownership and do the reporting themselves. But “reporting”?

Those who “report to” are inferiors, not equals. Certainly not bosses. They’re bottoms.

And don’t get me started on the farce of “hate speech”. Harm is harm. Now I ask ya, would you give a fuck what kind of pants the son-of-a-bitch who shot you was wearing? Government is better when it stays out of the “whys” and just sticks to the “whats”.

Anyone who would naturally respond to mean words by tattling to the nanny state wants to live in a different country than I do.


It is rather quaint that those who think anything on the interwebs needs to be reported. They(lefty whiners) must actually have some faith in government to believe that Big Brother is not already monitoring as much as possible.