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I understand a couple of personages of minor political importance were shot at today. I’m sad for the others who were hit.

It’s been a great day for the internet. I’ve been scolded on Facebook and judged by total strangers in TJICistan. This because I have a mostly dispassionate reaction to what Big Media and those who toe line are calling a great tragedy.

I had to take time off from the intertracks to enjoy two fantastic NFL games. So, at the moment, I don’t know if the shooter was particularly politically motivated. When I parked my computer, I saw him having much in common with the TEA people.

And of course, my TEA pallys couldn’t see it. Because nobody they know in the movement is disturbed or ever advocates violence. Whatever bats this guy turns out to have in his belfry, the TEA movement has grown large enough that they would be wise to deal with the inevitability of someone behind their banner going Waco wacko.

So far the best comment I’ve seen was by Scintan at Vox Popoli:

So when an unknown individual targets a member of the government, that's a tragedy, but when the government targets U.S. citizens for assassination, that's just policy.

I have maintained that we are at war for a couple of years already. Civil war, not just the foreign excursions. If this shooter was motivated by ideals more than personal demons, perhaps today is the one we will remember as when the shooting started.

More likely, though, there will a be a couple of days of outrage from all factions and then we’ll go back to the quiet form of conflict.


Another good comment, also from the ilk at Vox Popoli:

See, this is what happens when the press lets people criticize the Federal Reserve: Politicians and small children are shot. Think of the children!