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Delusion and Denial in Powderhorn

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A south Minneapolis neighborhood’s namesake park was the scene of two rapes last Wednesday:

The four boys in custody — two are 14, while the others are 15 and 16 — could face felony charges of robbery and criminal sexual conduct, though charges are still pending, [police spokesman] Garcia said.

The first assault occurred about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis. It began as a robbery and escalated to rape, according to police.

A mother was cross country skiing through the snowy park with her 13-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son when a group of juvenile males accosted them.

One had a handgun, police said.

Two of the boys raped the mother and threatened to rape the daughter, but the mother "basically says that's not going to happen," police Sgt. William Palmer said Friday.

The boys then ran off.

Minneapolis police and park police responding to the scene followed the boys' footprints for nearly three hours before coming to a house in the 3200 block of Bloomington Avenue South.

Behind the house, officers found three of the boys from the park in the midst of sexually assaulting two girls, ages 16 and 18.

In my time as a Community Organizer, I met many people from the area and from its neighborhood organization. They fit a stereotype of pale-skinned urban leftoids very proud of their old houses and their diverse multi-colored neighbors. Like most of Minneapolis, Powderhorn is a DFL stronghold.

In reaction to these hideous crimes, some of the neighbors are holding a vigil. Not that such events ever produce meaningful reductions in crime, but at least it makes people feel better. Hugs for everybody!

Gary Schiff, south side City Councilmember—and Mayoral hopeful—sent out an email announcement about the vigil. Here it is:

Powderhorn Park residents have come together to organize a “Peace in Powderhorn” vigil to honor those affected by violence. The candlelight vigil will be held this Wednesday, December 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the corner of 32nd Street East and 14th Avenue South, the northeast corner of Powderhorn Park. The event is also to reclaim Powerhorn Park and all the things that make the neighborhood unique, including art, music, creativity, diversity, acceptance, and peace.

Neighbors are also encouraged to attend a meeting to brainstorm safety ideas on Thursday, December 2 at 6:30 p.m. at Powerhorn Park Neighborhood Association, 821 East 35th Street. Participants will discuss ways to use their strength and creativity to make the neighborhood a safer place for everyone to live and thrive. Ideas so far have included dog-walking groups, neighborhood monitors, park patrols, community chants and meditations for healing, and yoga and youth newspaper classes. All ideas are welcome and serve to make the community even stronger.

Yeah, rapists are usually deterred by chanting and meditation. Any chance that the idea that there’s something fundamentally naive or willfully ignorant in the world view of these neighbors would be welcome?

Also of note, both the linked news story and the Minneapolis fishwrap’s version make no metion of the background of the suspects. But I am confident even the most chant-a-philic neighbors suspect it was people of darker pigmentation, not born in the United States.

Being devout lefties, they would never say it out loud, and maybe not even acknowledge it themselves, but that guess is correct:

It is known that a large group of Somali men were in the park playing football at the time that the incident occurred. It is believed that some of these players witnessed this incident or may have information as to who is responsible. Sex Crimes investigators are requesting that any individuals who have information about this case come forward.

The suspects are described as two Somali males in their late teens with medium builds.

It strikes me as parallel to the Catholics who denies there was a problem between Priests and young boys.

Related: The Christmas Tree bomber in Oregon is linked to South Minneapolis Somalis.


You obviously miss the point as to what the vigil was about. It wasn't intended to scare off rapists, it was the community coming together to discuss how to deal with the crimes that have been happening at Powderhorn Park.
I dont see how mentioning the color of the attackers skin or ethnicity has any positive relevance here except to show how you have a problem with people of color (typical right-wing) mentality.

I do understand they were trying to make themselves feel better. That’s all they ever do. And I was mocking the silliness of it all. That’s a problem with the whole vigil mentality—they’re never trying to scare off rapists or take a stand for their own safety. They wave candles for an hour and then go back home and shut the blinds, waiting for someone else to protect them.

The very phrase “community coming together” is vacuous nonsense. Who is “the community”? Are the rapists invited? After all, right up until they started penetrating little girls, y’all would have made an extra effort to include them in your drum circle.

You exhibit exactly the kind of willful ignorance that I find detestable. Community organizers and the panoply of leftoids see the world as a collection of superficial attributes. What’s more meaningless than a “rainbow coalition”? My references to pigmentation are more mockery of the DFL-Prog worldview.

What matters more is the background, the moral framework, under which the attackers likely lived. Women are likely regarded as something less than property. Being new to this culture, would one expect the attackers to have given up their endowment of power just because a couple of hippies in ugly hats and stupid glasses brought them tea?

Young males with solid families and safe homes rasied in the American culture have enough trouble staying out of mischief. If you actually have to spend your own resources protecting what is dear to you, you have to grade the threats which exist in the world. Young males call for more scrutiny than old ladies. People steeped in non-native cultures and value systems are more of a challenge than your childhood friends.

If, on the other hand, you think someone else has primary responsibility for your safety and well being, your gutless and flaccid neighbors will likely be holding a vigil in your memory someday.

When a crime such as rape occurs, I want the complete physical description of the perps to be given. You never know what other victims may have come forward if they thought these guys did it.

The fact that the skin color was systematically omitted (and it was!) is strange. It's the description of a suspect. The so-called "community" needs that information to improve its safety.