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Nexus of Yuk


The 2010 edition of the Minnesota Vikings have failed. Today’s debacle was pathetic. The defensive secondary might as well have been waving checkered flags at the Packer receivers.

Favre might still have enough ability to play in the NFL, but he would have to work for the full season. Coming in late meant he was never in sync with the team. The defensive line did not live up to the hype. I didn’t share the faith in the promise of Sidney Rice as a savior for the receiving corps. He had one good year, which proves nothing much. And don’t get me started on the lousy decisions of the head coach…

At least Adrian Peterson has cured his fumble problem. Watching him play is still a treat.

Overall, though, I just can’t get too sad about sports anymore. Denny Green and the kneel-down queens cured me of my boyish allegiance to any team. I still love football, and will watch all the Vikings games for the remainder of the season. But I have a healthy, Zen-like detachment from the spectacle.

Since I bring up Denny Green, you might be wondering what he’s up to. He’s the head coach for the Sacramento Mountain Lions, a new team in the two-year-old United Football League.

I hadn’t heard of them, either.

Who is driving the bus running the offense for Denny? Daunte Culpepper. He’s wearing number 8 instead of number 11 now. A worthy demotion, in my opinion.

And it gets more repugnant (for me, at least). Who is the proud owner of the team that hired this dynamic duo?

Mr. Nancy Pelosi.

What’s the opposite of “awesome”?


11:14a.m. 22 November, 2010, Brad Childress relieved of duties with the Vikings. Leslie Frazier named interum head coach.