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Segregationist Colleges


Embracing MLK’s dream would require putting character and achievement above subculture and skin color. But those most opposed to adjusting their value hierarchy tend to look a lot like the folks Dr. King was dreaming for. Freed from legal segregation, they cling to voluntary segregation. We’re a half-century from Little Rock, but Historically Black Colleges and Universities are given protected and revered status. It doesn’t make sense:

Since 1964, the justification for HBCUs has required a certain amount of cognitive dissonance. We have been taught for decades that we are moral troglodytes not to understand that racial diversity is key to a quality college education - and yet the notion of schools where everybody is black is also supposed to warm our hearts. It would appear that when we cherish black students for lending diversity to campuses, we are talking about a benefit to the white kids - because apparently, it's no problem if black kids go to colleges where everybody looks just like them.We are to shudder at the thought of all-black public schools as "segregated" - but then we are to cry "racism" when someone criticizes all-black colleges.