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A Matter of Character


I came across a couple of leftoid videos today. Separately, they were kind of funny. Together, it suggests there will be trouble after the election.

In the first, a parade of clichés establishes that anyone resistant to the progressive agenda is heartless or stupid:

And in the second, we see how our enlightened guardians would prefer to handle dissent:

I do not foresee the lefties taking their expected election losses very well. And the history of the left is punctuated by violence.

If you haven’t already, it is time to get a helmet.


I doubt your left could tie its own shoelaces,much less become the source of violence. I think you are simply being over dramatic like these ridiculous videos. Glen.h

Those who know me in the meat world have heard me repeat that my enemies are weak. I agree that most of the leftoids couldn’t tie their shoes without help.

The trouble is that it takes only a handful to collapse the system. 19 men brought down the WTC and the old way of life. I am not saying there is any conspiracy on that scale. But there is unacknowledged rage on the left, and unfortunately, they’re not all 100% incompetent.

If I am being over dramatic, how do you see the current situation ending without violence? Talk me down.

Well, it probably will end in violence, but it doesn't really matter. All to many situations in the U.S do! Look on the bright side, it will probably help the Tea Party types win more seats in government. Just think how you can capitalise on depicting the Left as dangerous monsters! Glen.h

Hmmm. How to capitalize…? Maybe get a grant to make a film showing my opponents being exploded? Oh, wait, that’s been done.

But only in the U.K., so I have a chance here. Except if the Tea Partiers do get control of government, they’re notoriously opposed to funding art projects.

I suppose I could try it in Oz. At least until it becomes a Chinese colony. ;-)

Well, Communist China is making us rich, and there is a long tradition of cranky Americans bombarding us with propaganda, so there is probably an opening for you. I suggest you try for a job at the "Australian" newspaper as a columnist. Glen.h