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Not for Enormous Destruction — But for Enormous Pleasure


It’s 1946, the Krauts and the Nips have surrendered, and you’re out enjoying civilian life with your best gal. You stop into the arcade to play a few games. First a little pinball, and then maybe nuke a few cities:

Player view of Atomic Bomber arcade game

The first version had a see-through window on the backglass. The second version had a light up city being bombed, and also added clouds to the bomb viewer window. The player looks through a bomb viewer, and lines up a set of cross hairs to colored dots on the rotating drum. On the second version there's a second clear drum with clouds on it, which makes the bomb viewing look more realistic (like a bombardier would see through a bomb drop window.) If a hit is achieved, a bomb blast is seen on the backglass.

From the sales flyer:

The Atomic-Age is the country’s leading topic of conversation. The ATOMIC BOMBER will be your leading profit item, wherever installed. Now, at last, you can give the public an outlet for their “Atomic Thinking”.

I wonder if an updated version featuring terrorists and drones (or politicians and nooses) would be popular? Probably not in the city, but in flyover country it could be a hit.

Spotted among NRR’s Vintage Ads.