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No tool chest is complete without a Notch Remover and a Kink Wrench

Over at Sippican Cottage, they know about labor. The kind that makes your body sore. The kind of labor that the workers we’ve forgotten used to do. Due to that work experience, Sipp knows about tools, too. And he can spot it when someone knows little about either one:

Popular Mechanics doesn't disappoint with their: Tools Everyone Should Own. It's a terrific, haphazard mess of twenty arbitrary thingamabobs, written in the breathless prose usually reserved for paperbacks with pictures of Fabio on their cover and the tears of countless overweight data entry clerks dappling the pages.

  • Circular Saw - "Nothing beats a circular saw for speed and convenience when it comes to making straight cuts on a variety of materials." Well, a table saw does. By a large margin, actually. And if you have a circular saw, that crosscut saw you told everyone to buy is going to end up on eBay some day, covered with rust but with the teeth still razor sharp. But soldier on, skinny glasses dude, I'm warming to your delirium tremens approach to prose and pounding on things.
  • Hammer - "After all these millennia, the hammer's wood handle remains, ..." he writes next to a picture of a framing hammer with a fiberglass shaft. BTW, "millenniums" is the preferred word if you ask me. I bet the author thinks virii is a word. But I carp about details, when the gist is so filled with weirdness: "...preferred by craftsmen for its light weight, shock absorbency and balance...". Framers aren't craftsmen. It's called "rough carpentry" for a reason. And framing hammers are heavy. That's the point of them.