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Who Hates the Lebanese?


Something else you’re not being reminded in arguments about the Hamasque (and in the broader non-dialog concerning the people of Antijudea):

According to the Arab American Institute, the breakdown of religious affiliation among Arab Americans is as follows:

The percentage of Arab Americans who are Muslim has increased in recent years, because most new Arab immigrants tend to be Muslim; this stands in contrast to the first wave of Arab immigration to the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, during which immigrants were almost all Christians.

Almost two thirds of Americans with Arab origin are Christian. A full third are Catholic. The popular preconception that Arab=Muslim does not hold in the United States.

When the Mussulmen drove the Maronites out of their homeland, many settled in Minneapolis. If you’re in the 55418 next month, you can even check out a Lebanese Festival organized by a Catholic church.

The Holy Land is the holy because three great religions say so. Except one of the three has been effectively banished. The Muslims actually got rid of all the competition, but the Jews had the urgency for a homeland and the tenacity to return. Arab Christians are doing well in the United States.

Another point to note: By the U.S. Census classification system, arabs count as “white” or “caucasian”.

Keep these in mind the next time you see some finger-wagging leftoid simpleton wailing about racism and Islam. Opposition to or distrust of Islamists or other Crescent-draped terrorists is not the same thing as racism.

 H/T: Maggie’s Farm