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Fury on the Horizon


Vox Day writes:

A private sector job which exists solely to comply with government-dictated paperwork is every bit as government-manufactured and unproductive as a public sector job. And that is precisely the type of job which is going to disappear entirely once the debt edifice collapses and the extent of the dollar-denominated imaginary economy is revealed. Just as stripping out the debt-funded component of GDP reveals that there has been no actual economic growth for decades, stripping out the paperwork jobs will demonstrate that the real labor force is still roughly 2/3rd male, just as it was in 1950.

He is commenting on a story about how men are allegedly less well-suited to the kinds of work required in a post-industrial economy. Women have been able to join the official workforce in great numbers because the nature of work has changed. If the “knowledge-based” or “service-oriented” economy is a product of the government spending borrowed money, many daughters are going to find themselves without earning power. And without the self-esteem offered to them by what was falsely considered as productive work.

In addition to the direct economic distortions caused by government meddling with commerce, there are untold and complex social distortions. The unwinding will be ugly.