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Can She Handle It?


It’s 1949, and what’s a well-dressed lady going to drive?

1949 Nash Airflyte Ad -- Long Hood

The daring ones drive a Nash Airflyte:

Its aerodynamic body shape was developed in a wind tunnel. Nils Wahlberg's theories on reducing an automobile body's drag coefficient resulted in a smooth shape and enclosed front fenders. The "cutting-edge aerodynamics" was the most "alarming" all-new postwar design in the industry.

Alarming because it looked like one of those new-fangled missiles…or because it looked like something well-dressed ladies didn’t speak of in1949?

Of course, she’s on the passenger side, so maybe this is just the kind of ride a fellow needs to capture the interest the fairer sex.

Spotted on NRR’s Vintage Ads block (to your left).