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Barry for Change

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There’s a new Barry on the political stage, this one offering a change I can believe in:

My name is Barry Hickethier, and I am seeking to earn your support for Minnesota State Senate, District 59. I am running because, like so many people I have talked with, I have become frustrated with the current state of government. A government that is more beholden than ever to special interest, while becoming less responsive to the needs of the average citizen. A government which is inserting itself more and more into our personal lives, and which is eroding our personal freedom.

Hickethier is challenging the leader of the State’s DFL hegemony, Larry Pogemiller. Pogemiller is a prototypical leftoid political careerist, having us serve him in the Minnesota legislature continuously for the last thirty years. Pogie believes we can never spend too much on education. Or on stadiums.

Hickethier just filed as a candidate today, and there isn’t much detail on his website yet. He has been active in the local Republican party and is running with their endorsement. That may not be much of a blessing in these parts, but it does give him a base to build from.