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No Ticket, No Laundry

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A census worker knocking doors in NRR’s territory offered an insight into the minds of the people who are counting the people.

The doorknockers set their own schedules. Every day they work, they are expected to turn in a time sheet. Due to scheduling difficulties—for many, census work is a second job—some time sheets don’t get in every day.

If a time sheet is not in by the end of a pay period, pay for that day of work will be delayed until the next pay period. There’s no question that the pay is due, it’s just a timing issue. That’s standard practice in the non-government world.

Some census workers who can’t get their time sheets turned in when due have been upset when their paychecks are less than expected. But, instead of trying to get their sheets in on time, what are they doing? Calling their Congressperson about delayed pay.

Enough of them have called to cause the Census HQ to issue a directive that all time sheets must be turned in every day. No delays for convenience. Anyone who does not get their sheet in on time will be paid. And then fired.

It seems that those who are most worried about getting their pay will be the first to lose their jobs. Probably not the outcome those slacker workers were hoping for. And an inconvenience to those who understand how the system works and are willing to wait instead of having to make extra daily work for themselves (although turning in time sheets is paid time).

When you turn turn to big daddy government for help, the solution can be worse than the problem itself. No job is worse than slow pay.

Now, who do you think these people voted for? Which party and which viewpoint expects the people to receive benefits without having to fulfill responsibilities?

And will the inevitable firings change some votes next election? Or will it turn into a bigger issue about bias and discrimination?