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Gulf Spill Birdy Count


It has been more than three weeks since the Deepwater Horizon exploded. We’ve endured twenty-four days of storytelling meant to tickle anxieties and promote panic.

Legislatively, this might become an enduring disaster. But the actual harm to nature has been minimal. Fishing areas are re-opening. And fears of oil-drenched sea birds appear to have been overblown:

An oiled brown pelican was found on the rocks along Bayou Rigaud at Grand Isle on Thursday, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said.

Wildlife and Fisheries biologists caught the bird and brought it to Fort Jackson, where veterinarians are rehabbing oiled birds.

Twenty birds have been brought to the facility in Fort Jackson since the beginning of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said. The rehab center has released two birds so far - a northern gannet and another brown pelican, officials said. Another bird is scheduled to be released today.

That’s less than one bird per day.

But this tar baby has the government in its grip. Nature, as always, will be fine. We the People, however will continue to suffer as Br’er Barack drags us into his imaginary fight.