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TJIC sets some immigration policy directives I can support:

[T]he current disaster is the worst of all worlds: it incents folks to cross the border illegally … and then stay underground. It incents crime. It incents growth of government. It incents corruption. It casually considers thousands of dead Mexicans a year a rounding error. It (further) creates contempt for the law.

We need to build a tall and deep wall.

We need to vastly simplify the laws.

We need to create a clear and simple pathway for folks who want to come here to work, to build the future, and to become Americans.

We need to tell foreigners, employers, and constituents one, and only one, story.

It is often difficult to do the right thing. But it is usually easy to explain what the right thing is.

Stuff gets complicated fubar when well-meaning people try to make doing the right thing easy. They have to develop complex instructions that anticipate all the situations one might face. Then, following those instructions becomes the “right” thing.

But the instructions cannot match the complexity of real life. So we become servants of the rules and disconnected from the good we set out to do.

And everyone sees a situation with their own eyes. So the rules get applied not in a uniform way, but case-by-case. And all the parties to a situation can be following the rules as they see them, but still be in conflict. The right thing is lost.

The United States has room for millions more who want to contribute by honest work. Once a person proves willing to abide by our law and custom, he should have the option of becoming a citizen.

The system could be something almost as simple as a take-a-number machine at the border. Immigrants without a number are line jumpers and are sent home. Immigrants with a number who break the law are either sent to the back of the line or sent home. When an immigrant’s number comes up, they can take a test and become an American.