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Hitler is not Amused by Your Cat

I have watched only a handful of the “Downfall” Hitler parodies posted to YouTube. They were all funny. But if you are not familiar this internet meme, it may be too late for you:

…over a hundred parody videos on YouTube of a climactic scene from the 2004 movie, "Downfall," in which Hitler displays a frightening tantrum in the presence of his officers. YouTube posters have taken to pasting humorous subtitles over the action.

No one is smiling at Constantin Film Production, which distributes the original "Downfall." It has called on YouTube to remove many of the videos because of a copyright claim.

It is Friday, and on the internet, that means cat pictures. This copyright issue has got Hitler all upset, and he’s not interested in looking at Mittens get her head stuck in sack or watching Smokey fall of the banister:

“Don’t worry, he’ll realize the irony soon.”


Betsy Newmark has some comments about the situation, along with a couple of her favorite versions.