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Poor Choices

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At a mega-drugstore on Central Avenue, the patron ahead of me was chatting on her mobile phone as the cashier rang up her merchandise. She bought two frozen pizzas (Red Baron brand), a few cans of soda-pop and a couple of bags of candy. And she paid by EBT card.

The politics of generosity and inclusion are a fraud. Taxes should not pay for candy in the name of charity. And if you can chatter freely on a cell phone, you’re not poor.

There are other stores within a short walk that sell produce and staple foods at a good price. The Minneapolis City Council are righteous fools. Those we declare as “poor” have options, but choose against their health.


I find it odd that one can purchase candy with EBT, but vitamins, minerals, and supplements are excluded from the program. As long as people are being given a chance to eat, shouldn't diet and nutrition information be passed along as well?