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Dogs Returning to Their Own Vomit


The Senate has taken up debate of changes to Unicorn Care. The righties may have an ability to stop some of it through the filibuster. But, since the bill law is so defective, they’re in a tough spot. Nearly any change is a genuine improvement for the people.

If, for example, the Republicans block actually including full coverage for sick kids—lefties forgot to put it in the bill—the righties look real bad in the minds of the non-critical-thinking majority of voters. People are mad now, but in November, the vast middle will have accepted this puke sandwich as the new normal. And they’ll want their slice.

In campaigns this fall, Democrats can then point to this reconciliation vote as example of the evil in the hearts of Republicans. And the inescapable negative economic effects will take time to develop. So the lefties can further paint the righties as hysterics and fear mongers: “See, nobody pulled the plug on Granny! There are no death panels!”