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Do Not Be Under Him


In reaction to yesterday’s Congressional declaration of war, the righties appear to be rallying around the idea of repeal. They’re fools.

They also hold out hope for a Constitutional challenge. The legislation is so bad, there might be some success. But in the larger view, it is little more than wishful thinking.

Repeal requires not only a Republican Congress, but one sufficiently “conservative” to scrap the whole deal and start over. And these “conservatives” must be elected in sufficient number to override Barry’s veto. There are too many handouts, fiefdoms and legitimate local issues to expect Congress to go two-thirds conservative.

When certain provisions are tested by Supreme Court, the people are already fighting a rear-guard action. And remember, the majority of the Court is comfortable with the idea of a “Living Constitution”, which means whatever they want it to mean.

The war need not be a hot war. Blood will be shed, but not necessarily in rivers. The forces of economics will be obeyed in the U.S.A. just as they were in the U.S.S.R.

To take an Eastern view, we can achieve victory without contending. Do not confront the force, but yield and step aside. Do not take blows; allow their uncontested energy to pull the greater force out of balance. When the giant falls, do not be under him.

I recognize the American mind is not of such a Taoist temperament. But the lesson can still be applied. Use the enemy’s strength against him. Get him out of balance. Make your strikes quick, focused, and whenever possible, unseen.

Fighting a long war of attrition in courts and legislatures plays to the enemy’s strength. He owns the law.

An economic insurgency uses that law against him. Make his moves costly. Exploit the fraud and the flaws. Encourage corruption. Use his logistic system to fuel covert attacks. Let mistrust build. Speed the beast to bankruptcy.

And when he falls, do not be under him.


While Taoist strategy has advantages over stronger opponents, it should not be the sole tactic used. Court challenges, elections, and parlimentary procedure must all be utilized to keep the giant from focusing on one point.

Every warrior will be supported. Although fighting on the enemy’s terms is disadvantageous, it does further the battle.

My concern is for those who put their sole faith in “the system”. Hope is not a strategy, even when I admire the aim. Denying war is foolishness. As I am fond of repeating, the enemy decides when the war is over. We must put it to him until he’s had enough.