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Best of Luck, Chester


Minnesota Vikings running back Chester Taylor has signed a four-year deal with the Chicago Bears. Taylor struck me as an ideal all-around back. He may not have any single superstar skill, but he can run, catch and block effectively in any situation. As I’ve said hundreds of times as everyone else seemed obsessed with Adrian Peterson, there’s nothing wrong with Chester Taylor.

I wish him the best, and hope he earns the starting job with the Bears. From the StarTribune story, the Vikings wanted to keep him, but the Bears were willing to pay millions more. There is apparently no ill will on either side.

This deal resolves one of the only two things I know enough to care about regarding the Vikings off-season. The other matter is up to number 4. And I expect he’s in no hurry to make his choice. I want him back. But, if Brett is done, I hope the team doesn’t hand the offense to T-Jack.