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Cool Technology


A vintage ad from NRR’s left sidebar caught my eye:

1956 Philco Super Marketer refrigerator-freezer

From the ad copy, we learn that, in 1956, buying a week’s worth of food at one time and storing it at home was a new trend. It was clearly seen as a convenience to have all the food at hand. In the 50s, the big benefit was reducing the time spent making trips to the grocer. Today we might include saving the energy and pollution those trips generate, too.

This work-saving (and planet-saving) appliance, available in decorator colors, was priced at $229.95. In today’s dollars, that’s $1,852.89.

One certainly could spend that much on an icebox today. But a modern mid-range model of similar size (16 ft3) with the same frost-free features can be found for under $700. The 2010 refrigerator will be more reliable, run quieter, and use less power, too.

I have no interest in turning backward to “simpler” times. Although, the notion of ladies shopping for groceries in hat and white gloves has a certain appeal…