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Today is All About the New Orleans Saints


When the New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl appearance, I declared it the end of Hurricane Katrina. In evidence to support my assertion about the importance of that team to that city, last night New Orleans elected a new Mayor. Mitch Landrieu will replace Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin:

When he takes office May 6, Landrieu will become the city's first white chief executive since his father, Moon Landrieu, left the job in 1978. Early analysis shows that Mitch Landrieu's victory owed to widespread crossover voting by African-Americans, who make up two-thirds of the city's residents.

Here’s a screen shot from the front page of the Times-Picayune website the morning after this monumental election:

NOLA Super Bowl Headlines

I suspect that by the end of the third quarter, Saints fans will be wishing they brought their brown paper bags. Even so, hometown hero Peyton Manning would win his second ring. And then the city and its new Mayor-elect can get back to dealing its pathetic crime problems and massive corruption.

But, until then, WHO DAT!


Major events in NOLA usually lead to a spike in shootings. I predict, if the Saints win, no more than five murders in the following 24 hours. If they lose, look for 10 or more.

I suspect that rioting, looting, and arson will be prominent in certain districts.