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Football Special


As a service to local sports fans, the NRR offers an excursion analyzing the Minnesota Vikings loss to the New Orleans Saints:

The fumbles were infuriating, but they weren't the reason the Vikes lost. They were the reason the Vikes didn't win by 17.

The Saints played on a short field all game, and the Vikings fumbled away points. Favre played tough, and his last INT was set up by mistakes not made by him:

The true goat of the game is Favre's fellow choke artist Brad Childress. While he did a pretty good job surmounting his natural tendencies over the season, under pressure he reverted to his terrible tendency towards hyper-controlling micromanagement. The strategy on that last drive was terrible from the start; the seeds of the problem were planted before that dreadful timeout called after Chester Taylor's first down at the Saints 37. There were actually FIVE big coaching mistakes at the end that cumulatively cost the Vikings the game:

Go read them.

This nugget (also by Vox Day) is in the comments:

Most of those hits on Favre were the fault of the coaching too since they didn't continue to attack the Greg Williams Blitzapalooza … you call a quick slant or a play-action screen. You take away the decision-making pressure that overpowers [Favre] and make it a nice and simple pre-programmed play.

On the whole, though, I would be delighted to have this same team and coaching staff make a run next season.

And related good news, the Saints making it to the Superbowl officially ends Hurricane Katrina. The city has a new psychological benchmark. It is hard, I think, for people not from New Olreans to understand how important the Saints are to that town.

Who Dat!


Our play selection when the Saints blitzed was horrible. Utilize TEs and FBs as both blockers and receivers in these situation. Slants or short to the flats.

The O-line was unable to adjust when the Saints loaded one side or the gaps. Bring in an extra lineman and go double tackle unbalanced. Force the defense to change.

Finally, I think it would have been beneficial to put T-Jack in the game at times. Saints D was so focused on Favre, the switch would have allowed Jackson to make plays with his feet.