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Powerful Microscope or Willful Blindness


The current President said:

job losses have diminished substantially since the depths of the recession when the economy was hemorrhaging jobs a rate of 700,000 a month.

"It is true that we, as a country, are in a very different place than we were when 2009 began," Obama said, saying there was evidence of a "positive trend" in the November employment report released on Friday.

Here’s what he’s accomplished in his first year:

Graph of Private Wage Jobs Obama Highlighted

I have highlighted the period of Barry’s tenure in orange. The Spendulous bill, TARP under Geithner’s direction, Cash for Clunkers, and pretty much everything else these guys have tried has not changed the slope of the declining jobs trend.

Note that this a depiction of private sector jobs. The private sector is where wealth is created. We have fewer people creating wealth, so sooner or later, there will not be anything more to tax away. Real labor making real useful product is necessary to provide for the salary of the all the Assistant Deputies to the Undesecretary of the Department of Refilling Government-dug Holes. Growing government does not grow the economy.

Perhaps if one zoomed in on one of the little gray or white squares in the graph, the trendline in that square might be going up. Maybe even like a hockey stick. But as you see, that’s not the whole picture.

Seems to me that the Failed Obama Administration™ is relying on too much microscope. Guess I must be a racist.

H/T: Maxed Out Momma