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To Arms!


It is no longer a fringe view, I think, to say that Congress prefers to ignore both the Constitution and the will of the people. And if executive over-reach is a fringe view, it is found on every edge of the political cloth, dependent on which team occupies the Oval Office.

Another thread on the fringe of political opinion maintains that we have seen our last reasonably fair and democratic election. There are several plausible scenarios, each relying on an interdependence of ignorance, arrogance and corruption acros all branches of government. A bogus Census, more ACORN-style voter fraud, a real or convenient national security event that requires postponement of a national election spring to mind.

“It could never happen here” is said everywhere and every time “it” has happened. Thus, one internet Patriot has issued a call to arms:

they need removed from office, immediately, by any means necessary, including armed insurrection if they will not obey the electoral process, and if they continue to scheme and carry out plans to forcibly subvert it.

the time has come to act overtly.  and, to openly organize to carry out the goal of taking our country back.  the first step?  do not pay your taxes.  the next step?  acquire suitable arms and necessary ammunition.  then?  organize into militia and action teams.  the final step?  lethal violence directed towards our oppressors, ... , they are easy enough to identify.

I read this, perhaps too optimistically, as advocating parallel initiatives. Work within the system, attempting to win by ballot. But also organize, practice and prepare to use bullets.

What is not clear is how the Patriot determines if his platform of liberty simply lost the plebescite, or if the process was corrupt. The case for revolution must be as plain and clear as it was in 1776. That perhaps is something to be determined and developed as the militias organize.