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Changing Paradigms


The result of frivolous web surfing…

We all know who Bugs Bunny is. He is the definitive “Bugs” in my inherited culture. Yes, I know of Bugsy Siegel and Bugsy Malone.

If I hear of someone with a nickname of “Bugs” or “Bugsy”, I think rabbit.

Turns out, I should think of bugs. Insects:

Arthur “Bugs” Raymond: The owner of a wicked spitball, Bugs (who got his nickname from his weird windup and generally twitchy mound antics) was a manager’s nightmare.

Some minor character in the history of baseball makes it clear. Before the bunny, “Bugs” was some twitchy, odd dude. Not a rabbit.

Now when I watch old cartoons, I’ll be seeing a junkie instead of a hustler.