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I read many excellent commentaries regarding September 11th, eight years after. Over at Daily Excuse, the chief procrastinator set aside excuses and called us to action:

Time flies and life goes on but we must always remember what happened that day. No longer did America remain safe from terrorism. Freedom is wonderful and precious but can be very expensive. So while we are out there wondering how we can retain our "natural beauty" or chose what church or movie theater or restaurant we want to go to remember that we here are very lucky and we need to protect and cherish that freedom. And we need to honor all those people who have died for the cause of freedom here and elsewhere.

I commented:

Until we perfect the nature of man, there will always be some who regard people as a means instead of the ultimate end. We are here for us. We must protect our space to flower and flourish against those with darker designs.

Defending liberty need not require the ultimate sacrifice. Honoring those who have given the full measure must be a habit, part of the daily routine. Petty tyrants are tyrants still. Do not sit idly while well-intentioned bullies intrude on your—or your neighbor’s—freedom. Say “No.” or “Stop!” or “That’s none of your damn business!”

There is no battle to small to be worth fighting. We can rest in heaven.

The days and weeks following the attacks were surreal. It wasn’t over on September 12th. It isn’t over yet.

To the point of honoring and remembrance, I will post something each day for the next seven related to those horrific events or their continuing aftermath. We benefit not only from the remembrance, but also from remembering that we do remember:

I am truly thankful that my family and I are able to sleep peaceably in our beds at night because the rough men and women of our brave military continue to stand ready to do violence on our behalf, and are fighting the enemy wherever they may hatch their sick litle plots against us.

Remember that today. And remember what happened eight years ago that finally woke many of us up to the evil.

I try to remember the reality and meaning of 9/11 every day--that is why I continue to leave the tribute up in my sidebar.