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Compliments to One Big Media Outlet


Roger Simon (founder of righty Pajamas Media) discovers why I offer Al-Jazeera in the NRR news rack:

Except for those stories when the “I”-word was prominent (you know, that little country south of Lebanon), Al Jazeera was clearly better, more honest, more informative and more entertaining than CNN International or the BBC. And kinder to the US. In fact, it wasn’t even close. Also, since much of the news they reported was coming from the Middle East, they seemed better informed about such things as the death of the Iraqi Shiite leader Hakim (they referred to Saddam Hussein flatly as a fascist, something you rarely hear on CNN) and the Al Qaeda suicide bombing in Saudi Arabia (they had nothing but withering contempt for Al Qaeda – no pussy-footing “insurgent” rhetoric for them).

Al-Jazeera offers world news, well reported, with minimal bias. Their opinion and perspective pieces are, however, everything the stereotypes threaten.

I find the BBC to have a reliably lefty slant, but still worth checking for European and former-colonial news. CNN, which is the only TV news network offered in my spartan cable package, is comically partisan crap. Or, as I’ve heard a local radio host repeat in a voice-over tone, “It’s not news, it’s CNN.”