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If God Commands, Moe Will Run

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Another righty waits for God to give a political sign:

Talk-show host Sean Hannity, a vocal opponent of Barack Obama's policies, said today he would not rule out a bid for the presidency in 2012.

Egged on by radio colleague Bill Cunningham, Hannity said he would consider entering the front lines of the political fray if God directs him.

"I've never made a decision in my life without – whatever destiny God has you've got to fulfill it," he said. "I'm not sure that's my destiny."

Palin, Bachmann, Hannity. I imagine lefties joking about the Republican Three Stooges. Hannity and Moe even have the same haircut.

Hannity would make a formidable candidate, with the likability of Reagan, good looks and strong convictions. He's also a polished communicator and knows the issues inside out.

And he can debate.

I don’t like Hannity. When I’ve listened to him, he never seems to debate, he just throws out nonsequitur attacks. And I’m not sure he can communicate outside his fan base. He doesn’t communicate to me, even though we likely share a majority of opinions.

Palin and Bachmann, however, I have heard lay out a logical argument. And Palin is so much a mirror of ordinary folks, I think she can get people to listen.