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Same to Rather, Couric and that little dog Blitzer, too


TJIC’s opinion on Cronkite is indistinguishable from my own:

I never got the veneration that some people feel for news anchors.

They’re stuffed shirts, selected for and paid for their ability to project an air of portentiousness and seriousness while they read crappy fourth-rate, low-depth, low-bandwidth news aloud to an audience of admiring monkeys.

Why, exactly, should I care that another one of these hair-gelled used-car-salesmen has passed on?

I have a slightly better opinion of radio mouthpieces like Murrow or the guy who called the Hindenburg crash. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or that I didn’t have to hear their bias every day. Or they had to communicate more without the crutch of news footage. I guess I appreciate the art of descriptive storytelling, even if I know the story is fake.