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Woven from Fire


Flag Day is underappreciated. Although I have hesitations about idolatry and getting too wrapped up in the symbol instead of revering what is represented, the Flag Day observance is held mostly by people who are worthy of respect. Really good, solid folks honor the US flag, and by sharing their ritual, we honor them.

I guess I take it as an opportunity to note my place in the lineage of the American community. And, as national observance, Flag Day hasn’t had its patriotism obscured by picnics and beach blankets.

The date, June 14th, was established by President Wilson. It fit within his Progressive drive for nationalism, empire and war. Modern lefties ignore the militarism in their political roots. This year, and for decades, it seems more likely that a lefty would choose to burn a flag rather than salute one. Such a petty contempt might get those good folks riled:

US Flag AflameThey called it desecration
Of the symbol that was meant to represent
The freedom of so called choice and dissent
They almost had me believing it
They were bleeding him
He said, "Burn baby, burn"
'Til the street samurai
Said to my face that
Any flag that's worth a shit
Was woven from fire in the first place.

They can rewrite history, or burn the history books, but nobody can change what actually happened. Whatever honor patriotism earns cannot be erased.

Lyrics from “Satanic Reverses” by the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, 1992.