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Two Points Missed


1) Re: Guantanamo Terrorist Transfers

The media chatter seems focused on the inconveniences and perceived threats to US communities should the detainees be transferred to US prisons. No, they’re not going to escape and become some kind of TV action series bad guy fugitives. And, no, they’re not going to be able to command terrorist activities from within SuperMax confinement. As prisoners, they would represent no credible threat.

If they were brought onto US territory, however, their legal status changes. They would get the full benefit of legal rights and due process. And since they’re being held without charge and on sketchy evidence, US law would compel their release.

It’s not that the prisons couldn’t hold ’em. It’s the legal system that would set them free.

That’s why Camp X-Ray was established in the first place. Because it is not US territory—it is leased from Cuba—people there are not automatically granted the large set of US legal rights.

2) Re: Daniel Hauser, the boy refusing chemotherapy

The media and popular chatter seems focused on what each of us would do in the family’s position. We apply our prejudices about medicine and opine about ethics. It’s a great topic for conversation.

But the point is that none of us are that boy or that family. What we would choose to do is not relevant.

As far as the journalists can be trusted, it seems the family understands the procedures and the prognosis. They are making an informed choice. This is not negligence, nor is it reckless or willful endangerment. The state has no grounds to interfere.

We may not agree with the family’s decision. Too bad. Butt out. These lives are not ours to remove from the trust of God. Or doctors.

It is a disgrace that our social and legal system has forced a child with allegedly terminal cancer to become a fugitive.